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Prompts are of course completely optional!

General likes:
Witty dialogue
Found family
Demonstrations of loyalty
Asexual romantic relationships
Characters doubting their actions
Political situations spiralling horribly out of control
Mind control
Evil selves
Psychological torture/physical torture

Do Not Wants: No sex, please.


Ships: [whether as romantic or gen]
OT4 or OT3 (Narvin/Romana/Leela)
Romana/Brax (in a more one-sided way, unfortunately for Brax)

General things I like:

Ace Time Lords (and Looms)
Enby Time Lords
the politics-y related plot of the first three series, all the backstabbing and double crossing and ridiculousness of the Gallifreyan political system
Brax being morally dubious
Narvin and Romana bickering
Romana making Bad Decisions
Romana’s habit of attempting self-sacrifice at every given oppurtunity
The Apocalypse Element

More specific prompts
Something pre-Gallifrey with Brax helping Romana win the Presidency (Feel free to incorporate key 2 time:chaos pool canon with the whole slowly dying thing holding back her political career, if you’ve listened to that)

Leela breaking Romana out from whatever cell Pandora threw her in immediately following 2.5 (and presumably, an injured Narvin) and the ensuing discussion about What Happened to Andred. Bonus if there's some sort of conversation between Romana and Pandora at the start. 

Something set in season 3 with Romana and Narvin when Romana really didn’t trust him though by this point he was actually quite loyal.

if you want to write darkfic I love stuff with Pandora and Romana-
I'd love to see something set in 2.5 with everything spiralling out of her control and misguidedly going to Pandora to try and regain it, with her being confused about her murder of Andred and slowly realising she’s not completely in control of her own actions. Or something set in the civil war in season 3- her struggling with Pandora inside her head/struggling with both Pandora and the weird anomaly thing that made her split in to too many Romanas. Or even something with Romana I at the Academy being manipulated by Pandora

…I have a lot of Gallifrey prompts, apparently.

Bernice Summerfield:

I’m only up to about season 5 of Benny so minimal spoilers, please. Crossovers with Gallifrey are welcome- I can imagine Narvin would have several things to say about all the laws of time Brax breaks every day and Benny not thinking much of him.

I’d love something set during the occupation of the Axis, looking into how Benny and Brax cope with the occupation and plot their revolution or something based on Brax’s behaviour in the Mirror Effect or something more light hearted with them on an archaeological dig turned adventure together.

The Shapeshifter & Unleashed:
Lisa/Mia either as good friends or girlfriends. I’d rather not have any Mia/Spook.

More specific prompts:
Something light and cute with them hanging out, perhaps Mia trying to help Lisa get some peace and quiet from spirit world or, if you opt for the latter, showing however the relationship started would be good. Alternatively I’d also like something more serious, something post Feather and Fang with Mia tracking Lisa down and trying to apologise and rekindle their friendship.


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